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The Border Health Political Action Committee (BHPAC) was established in an effort to promote the issues of the medical profession along the border of the State of Texas. To that end, BHPAC will support the nomination and election of candidates that seek, through responsible means, to further the mission, goals, and objectives of the medical health profession.

About Border Health Pac

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How do we help?

Border Health PAC understands that bringing attention to the medical profession through political action is necessary to create positive and groundbreaking changes along the border of Texas. As the health industry changes and advances, so too will the political positions that will help candidates with realistic and innovative ideas be elected to office.

The mission, goals, and objectives of the medical profession are many and complex. But with a strong focus on making these factors easier to promote through political action, we’re more than positive that the leaders we help elect will serve the greater good on behalf of the Texans residing along the border. We respectfully ask for your help to make these changes happen! Let’s change the political landscape of the medical profession in Texas through better, stronger, and more pioneering ideas.